The absent blogger

People keep following my blog, I get a dinky little email when they do. It makes me feel so guilty, because I haven’t blogged for months.

This is in part because I’ve been Out of Sorts. You don’t want to hear about that, really couple of colds and an operation about which I could write tomes. I have got unfit. I cannot walk far at all at the moment.

But wait! Despair not. I have ordered a new pair of VERY snazzy hiking boots online. I needed UK size 8.5 in this particular boots, the sizing of which is rather small, and this is a half size bigger than they come in the UK, so I’ve had to order them online from the States. I always thought the legend of Bigfoot was a spoof, but now I see it’s a lady hiker. They’re being delivered to me at work for complicated reasons that I suspect are connected with the privatisation of the Royal Mail, and I expect them to arrive some time next week. They’d better arrive before my trip to Cornwall in early December, as I plan to do a fair amount of walking then.

So, new boots. I’ve also bought a new waterproof that I can do up, just, but not if I put a jumper under it so I need to lose some weight.

Oh yes, that. Don’t ask. Please, just don’t. If you’re not well for four months, things can get complicated.

I’m giving thanks we don’t do Thanksgiving here. There’s only Christmas to contend with.


12 thoughts on “The absent blogger

  1. Sorry you’ve been Out of Sorts. I was there for awhile, too. Good to know that you’re getting yourself prepared for hiking. I can’t wait for your Cornwall trip–you are going to tell us all about it, right?

  2. So glad to hear from you again. I wish you well in your continued recovery and hope your trip is everything you are hoping it to be.

  3. Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery, have missed your photos an humor on your many hiking trails. I too know what you mean about being out of sorts, I’ve been having them too. Glad to hear new boots are coming your way. Be well!

  4. Perhaps the boots and trip to Cornwall will get you back In Sorts. I hope so. Being ill takes so much out of us; we need some time and joyful activity to be replenished. I’m glad you blogged – I always love hearing what you have to share.

  5. So sorry you haven’t been feeling well for such a long time. I hope that those new hiking boots are just the ticket to get you back to feeling your normal self once again.

  6. Oh my! Surgery, no matter how small, throws the whole body off a bit. As long as you don’t lose the determination to get it back off, you’ll do just fine.

  7. Oh my, out of sorts for THAT long! I admit the first thing I think of when that is mentioned is Allsorts licorice candy. Then, no, no she is not out of licorice she is not feeling well. New boots? I got some too just not snazzy. I do hope things go better now for you and good it is only one major food holiday and not the two we have. I saw you note on Sparkpeople so hoofed it over here to read what you had to say.

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