It’s another new year!

New year’s resolutions are made to be broken they say. For that reason I am not making particularly taxing ones this year. More chance of keeping to them. Though I doubt I will. Here they are, if you’re looking for inspiration:

1. I will shut the bathroom door in the morning so that the cat cannot come in and rub his cold wet sticky nose on my bare leg while I’m having a pee. This happens EVERY morning.
2. I will remember to water my plants before the hibiscus goes floppy.
3. I will not indulge in a toastfest more than once a week.
4. I will buy enough bras of light colours to ensure I do not have to spend the whole day wearing a jumper so that you can’t see I’m wearing a black bra under a pastel shirt.
5. I will not leave the ironing pile for more than two weeks at a time and when I do the ironing pile I will not decide that I don’t need to iron things because once I’ve been wearing them for ten minutes it won’t show. It will show.
6. I will not leave the washing up for more than 48 hours or until it starts to look like primordial soup.
7. I will not get into a rage as a result of comments made to me on internet forums and go off and eat chocolate or drink gin.
8. I will not call toast and a glass of wine supper on days when I don’t feel like cooking or can’t be arsed to wash up (see no. 6 for details).
9. I will get up early enough on Thursdays to put out the recycling even if the Thursday is a day when I’m not at work (for example New Year’s Day 2014 but that doesn’t count because I was asleep and anyway I’ve only just thought of it as a resolution).
10. I will not post snarky comments about other people’s spelling or grammar on Twitter unless I’m in a really bad mood.

Good luck with that, huh?

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “It’s another new year!

  1. Hi Ducky! Happy New Year to you!!! Wishing you all the best for 2014!!!

    We recycle (I’m in central Ohio) and we put our bins out the night before because it’s way easier than at 6am – especially when it’s really really really cold. Is that an option where you live or is that frowned upon? We also do the same with our trash bins – the night before.

    Hugs to you from across the pond!


  2. Love those resolutions!! Sounds like ones you can really keep, or need to – especially #1 (I have a cat too and though I love her, I do NOT need company when I’m in the bathroom).

  3. Good resolutions, though perhaps you should resolve to buy clothing that doesn’t need ironing. I’m considering getting rid of all houseplants so I don’t have to worry about watering them. Oh, and thanks for reminding me that I just missed recycling day and they won’t be back for another two weeks and the bin is full. Oh, pooh.

  4. I bought a few ‘air’ living plants that all the tiny things need is misting once in a while. Ironing? Oh I gave those things to the Goodwill, no time for boring chores. Dishes: I put a huluplus show on the kindle and do them up while giggling at I love Lucy or such. But I will never like doing them.

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