On not doing housework

I hate housework. Really, I do. I don’t find it relaxing, or satisfying or any of the other things people swear they get out of it. I like the end result, all right: everything clean and in its place. But the doing of it? Nope.

What’s the solution then?

My solution is pottering. This is the means by which you can do a lot of housework while telling yourself you aren’t doing it at all. ‘I’ll just tidy that sock drawer,’ you say to yourself, and half an hour later the sock drawer is pristine because to tidy it you tipped it out and then you dusted the corners. Without really seeming to do very much, you can do rather a lot.

Take today, for example. In theory, I am taking it easy because I’ve got a bit of a cold. I went for a walk in the park this morning, and came home for lunch. While cooking lunch (putting leftover lasagne in the microwave and filling the coffee machine with water) I  tidied away last night’s washing up, washed up breakfast and in a radical move, hung out a load of washing that I did last night, instead of leaving it to fester for three days.


By this time, the lasagne which had been hotter than Vesuvius, had cooled down a bit so I pressed ‘go’ on the coffee machine and went and ate the lasagne, nipping back to the kitchen for the coffee which was at the correct temperature for drinking, less five degrees.

You’re thinking Pooter had nothing on me, right? I see myself more as the Provincial Lady in her London era. New York yet to come.

I’ve spent the afternoon going through my week’s ‘to do’ list, written on Sunday night. You see? I get around to things, but eventually. The list includes a look at the Sneezy Towers finances and oh dear. I have concluded that Netflix and BT are on their way out, while we are likely to break our Rupert Murdoch duck. With regret, of course, but needs must and this will save me £30 a month, which is £360 a year. I don’t calculate savings in pounds, mind you. £360 savings is a long weekend somewhere in France, Brexit permitting.

Having taken the decision, I’ll now sit on it for a month or two before doing anything. It’s pottering, see?

One thought on “On not doing housework

  1. Reminds me of that Facebook meme, which I may or may not actually remember the way it was (I may have it backwards):

    Why do people think I am lollygagging, when it is quite clear I am dilly-dallying?

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