Her indoors 4

Someone has just asked me: ‘What if we’ve passed the point where these people can be stopped by legal means? What if the press, courts, parliament can’t counter this level of weaponised dishonesty?’

I’ve been thinking about this for a while; in fact I’ve been thinking about this since the first anti-Brexit march I went on. It was clear that ordinary people were being ignored. The Brexit referendum was dishonest. People were voting for Brexit without having any idea of what they were going to get. Since then, things have got worse and they are certainly now as bad as even pessimistic me could imagine.

Things will get still worse.

In the future we will look back on the first couple of decades of the 21st century in disbelief, as a time when we sleepwalked into catastrophe. How happy we were, how seemingly innocent, how privileged in the apparently ordinary things we took for granted. What idiots we were not to see the darkening horizon ahead. And yes, a lot of us protested, we didn’t go quietly, but we didn’t protest loudly or insistently enough, and we went about our protests in the wrong way. No point in criticising people who disagreed with us – you have to understand where people who are less privileged were coming from. We didn’t; we were unkind.

So, what now? Tough times are coming, tougher than we can imagine. At the moment everything is continuing much as it was, except people are dying of COVID19 who shouldn’t be dying, and it’s difficult to get exactly the food we want sometime. Soon, things will be a lot worse.

What can we do? Keep our heads down and be kind to one another. Look after ourselves and look after others. Together, we can be more than the sum of our parts.

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