Don’t wait up

And don’t expect startling revelations here. I’m a model of discretion. I do like ducks though. And duck.

In attempting to set a main photo for one blog, I have made the blogs lose their chronological sequence. So while the top blogs are the most recent ones, further down the pile they are all over the shop. Tried to find a way to fix it but no go. You’ll have to make do. Luddite, me.

Anyway, it hardly matters. This is a blog, not the Book of Kells, the Mabinogion, Domesday Book or the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Except to me, of course.

5 thoughts on “Don’t wait up

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  2. You can’t know the significance of your writing. What if a thousand years from now our primitive method of recording life is finally deciphered by our ancestors, or aliens, or ??? and your blog is all they have to work with? It could be as significant as the DSS! You bring a smile to me, which is pretty darn significant in my little corner of the time=space continuum…

  3. I love the way it says: 3 thoughts on Don’t wait up and then has 2 comments! I love your blog, it makes me smile every time!

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